Interview to PMP Passport, Sept. 2006

Source: PMP Passport, Sept. 2006,

While studying for the Project Management Professional (PMP®) exam, Mr. Giotis was influenced particularly by the Project Communications Management Knowledge Area of A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide). "It is natural for human beings to be impressed by good communicators," he says. "I was never paying attention to the body language. Now body language is my priority. I was interrupting people. Now I use empathetic listening most of the time."

His improved people skills have helped him mentor individuals in his training work, and also have helped him effectively lead groups. "I had given more than 80 speeches at conferences and tech days ranging from 50 to 800 participants, but after passing the PMP exam, I changed dramatically my way of giving public speeches," he says. "It is not so important to say something you know, but it is very important to say it in a way that the audience can understand it. I started doing more questions to engage people. I started using body language to understand their reactions. I started being a 100 percent listener and fully present. I became audience-oriented."

His improved leadership skills made all the difference in his efforts to revitalize the PMI Greece Chapter, of which he currently is president. In 2003, the chapter had just 23 members, and today, it has grown to 210.

"As a leader, I had to use all available communication methods to lead people to join PMI and the Greek Chapter using my PMP credential as a vehicle," he says. "On every e-mail message I sent, I promoted PMI at the end of my signature. On every discussion I had, I tried to find a way to talk about successful projects in order to explain what professional project management is, what PMI is and what [a PMP credential] is. On my suit, I always pinned the gold PMP pin—people asked about it, and I had the opportunity to explain the whole story. On every presentation or public speech I gave, I always said something about project management and PMI. PMP [certification] was the vehicle for me to lead people to join PMI and the Greek PMI Chapter."